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Fixational SDK

Add eye-gesture control to any app.

Developers, enable your users to control your app using their eyes.

The Fixational SDK monitors eye movements using the forward facing camera.

Recognising deliberate gestures that can be linked to any app function for handsfree control.

Eye Guy
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Wink Camera

The Wink controlled camera app.

Capture photos with the wink of an eye, search the App Store for Wink Camera.


Wink Camera analyses your eye movements using the front-facing camera. Close one eye to trigger the short countdown.


Get ready for the picture, don't forget to smile!


Unlike lots of other camera apps, photos are saved directly to your photo library, with all your other pics.

Wink Reader

Handsfree reading.

Turn ebook pages without lifting a finger.

Great for when you're eating, cooking, playing piano, lying in bed, at the hairdresser...

Coming soon for iOS and Android.

Tweet if you want us to work faster!

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Eye gestures detected


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